Using Paid Plugins

It is a good idea to let us know when you purchase a paid plugin so that we can be prepared to help if necessary.

If you elect to purchase a paid WordPress plugin for your website, please let the Web Applications and Services team know (via email) and provide the following relevant information:

  • the name of the plugin;
  • the contact information for the company/developer;
  • the login username and password, if there is a login account associated with the plugin (there usually is); and
  • the license key.

Having access to the relevant information and related accounts is critical if we should need to help troubleshoot issues that may arise with your website in the future, particularly in cases where the relevant department staff may have left the department or university.

Note: if the paid plugin has a login account associated with it (for technical support, account management, etc.), we strongly recommend that you use a shared mason email address, such as a general department email address, so that the login account is not tied to a specific individual who may later leave the department/university.