Mason Site Check-In

This plugin is useful for anyone who manages one or more WordPress websites, and becomes increasingly useful as one manages more websites.

In addition to providing a WordPress dashboard “meta box” which provides summary information about when modifications were last made to a website’s pages, posts, media files, etc., this plugin will cause the website to automatically and periodically ‘check-in’ by email at intervals of 30 days if the website has not been modified. This makes it easy for administrators to identify websites which are not being regularly updated, which may be out-of-date, or which may be no longer needed.

On the plugin settings page, you can add any number of arbitrary email addresses for which you would like to receive these site check-in notifications.

For the purposes of this plugin’s check-in notifications, modifications to the website include published changes to pages or posts, an upload of a new item to the media library, or the creation of a new user.


Version 1.1 (2022-08-13)

  • Revises menu interface to put this plugin’s menu item under a parent Mason top-level admin menu item.