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The Mason WordPress Platform includes: secure WordPress cloud hosting, the Mason Twenty Twenty theme – a Mason-branded custom WordPress theme based on the official WordPress Twenty Twenty theme – and modular plugins to add functionality.



Separate Form and Function. The Mason Twenty Twenty theme gives your website a Mason look; modular plugins are used to implement additional features. Web hosting is available. You choose the pieces you want.


Modularity provides flexibility. If you like the functionality offered by one or more of the plugins, you can use them without switching to a new theme. Conversely, if you’re using the Mason theme and want to consider changing it later, you won’t be losing any functionality as a result.


Modularity allows for extensibility. We can add new features as needed. And, if you need a plugin or a custom widget that isn’t available, you can write your own.


You can see and understand the code. The code for the Mason Twenty Twenty theme and all custom plugins are available on GitHub.


You can contact us if you have questions or need help. For more-detailed requests you can submit a ticket. We track issues related to the Mason Twenty Twenty theme and our custom plugins in their GitHub repositories. We have a WordPress users listserv and a users group. Either someone has already figured it out, or we’ll figure it out together.

Mason Twenty Twenty Theme

The Mason Twenty Twenty theme has been designed to coordinate with the university’s digital identity. It’s packed with menu locations and widget areas, is highly customizable, and everything is mobile-friendly. Learn more about the Mason Twenty Twenty Theme.

Plugin Integration

We’ve developed some custom WordPress plugins to solve specific problems, and we’ve tested and and/or developed integrations for some commonly-used and highly-rated third-party plugins.

Custom Plugins
Mason Meta Information
This plugin includes Mason-specific information in the website’s meta tags. These help us to identify appropriate website contacts across our websites in an automated way, and can be leveraged for things like enterprise search indexing.
Mason Custom Widgets
This plugin provides a number of custom WordPress widgets which coordinate with the Mason WordPress theme: site-wide alert box, call-to-action menu, highlight item, highlight list, and recent posts listing.
Mason Sucuri Integration
This plugin connects your WordPress admin section with the Sucuri web application firewall, allowing you to clear your website’s Sucuri cache from within the WordPress admin section.
Recommended Third-Party Plugins

In cases where there are widely-used, frequently-updated, well-supported and well-reviewed third-party WordPress plugins which solve specific website problems, we recommend them. Please see the Recommended Third-Party Plugins page to see more information about what third-party plugins we recommend and why.

Third-Party Plugin Integrations
We’ve included styling for the Collapse-O-Matic plugin so that expanding/collapsing content sections handled with this plugin will be styled automatically to coordinate with the Mason visual identity.
The Event Calendar
We’ve included custom templates and styling the The Event Calendar plugin so that its event lists and individual event entries will be styled automatically to coordinate with the Mason visual identity.