Post Revisions

Our web host disables WordPress post revisions by default.

We can enable them on request.

However there are some important limitations:

  • WordPress will only keep the previous 3 – 5 revisions of each post
  • old revisions are automatically removed after 60 days

With only a maximum of 3-5 revisions, you will lose old revisions quickly, even by fixing typos, changing formatting, etc.

Therefore, for any pages/posts for which you wish to maintain revision history:

  • you should do the content preparation and editing in a different place, perhaps on a separate test page on the same site, rather than within the canonical page
  • any specific versions of pages that you want to maintain for historical reasons should be saved somewhere other than within the canonical page, perhaps on a separate, new (non-public) page on the same site

Let us know if you would like to have post revisions enabled on your website.