Specify Different Header Images for Certain Pages

You can add some additional CSS rules to the “Additional CSS” section of the WordPress theme customizer in order to set specific header images for […]

Enable Full-Width Site Title

This post is deprecated. As of version 1.1.2 this customization is the default theme behavior.
By default, the site title in the Mason TwentyTwenty theme will […]

Hide Post Author on Posts

Depending on how you intend to present the information on your website, you may want to hide the post author information on posts. In that […]

Change the Position of the Site Header Background Image

You can modify the position of the background banner image in the website header area. This is helpful in cases where you want to adjust […]

Hide Post Categories on Homepage

If you’ve set the homepage to show a blog post listing, you may want to hide the post category links to reduce clutter on the […]

Make the Site Banner Taller

You can arbitrarily set the height of the website banner section – for example to make a taller banner to show more of the background […]